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Update – August 14

As with many investigations of this scope, each of us may be able to assist with what we know and recall, and that assistance may very well be crucial to moving forward. 

Based on some information received from the community, we are asking the public to take a moment and remember where they may have been in the early morning hours of July 4th.  Were you in the vicinity of Poplar Flats Road and Farmaway Drive?  Can you remember what you saw, or what you may have heard?  Do you recall anything unusual or out of place that morning near that location?  Do you have surveillance cameras that capture this area?  The FBI and the community is asking you to share such information if you were in that area at that time.  Even if you do not believe your information is relevant, we still ask you contact us with any information from this time period and location. 

As always, we are incredibly grateful for your tips, information, and support.  It has now been just over a week since we rolled out the website and the amount of new information we have received is well beyond our expectations.  Thank you and keep those tips coming!

Update – August 11

The FBI is extremely grateful to the community for your support and continued contribution of tips and information related to the investigation of ALL the highlighted unsolved Bardstown murders.  

At the various scenes of interest, collected evidence was processed at the time. New and emerging forensic techniques, unavailable when these investigations first began, contributed to the events of this past week.  Both your tips and scientific advancements will continue to play a major role moving forward.

Crystal’s Car

Update – August 8

Bardstown Unsolved Murders

Due to the high volume of responses received, law enforcement has been working ​relentlessly since the launch of ​our website to follow up on tips and information from the community. As a result of the overwhelming number of tips received relating to​ not just Crystal’s disappearance, but also the unsolved murders of Tommy Ballard (Crystal’s father), Jason Ellis, and Kathy and Samantha Netherland, it is necessary to include their cases on this page as well.  As a small community we remain vigilant in seeking justice for all of the families who deserve answers. 

Please see the new tab created with background information on Tommy, Jason, Kathy and Samantha.  ​Our community will also be able to stay current on our updated rewards page, dedicated to the victims in these cases. Your assistance in the last 24 hours has been overwhelming.  ​As a dedicated task force, we are ​highly invigorated after receiving ​an abundance of tips with valuable information tied to these cases.  This page will be regularly updated to keep our community informed as we move forward in all of these investigations. 

With sustained community assistance, it is a vivid message that these victims will ​never be forgotten, and we will never give up in our pursuit to bring them justice.

Surveillance video photos